Gather insight from the STN editorial team and contributors as they blog on the latest issues affecting school transportation and child safety and their many interests.

  • Daily Routes   ( 417 Articles )
    The STN staff and contributors blog on all things current issues, trends or interesting topics related to safely and efficiently getting regular education students to and from school, in both regular route and activity and sports trip transportation.

  • Safe at the Stop   ( 56 Articles )
    From the motoring public to crime, many dangers face children at and around school bus stops. This blog section addresses concerns of educators, transportation personnel, parents and the community at-large and the work being done to ensure students remain as safe as possible while walking to and from the school bus.

  • Special Needs Rides   ( 92 Articles )
    Unlike most regular education students, transportation services can be a right for many children with physical and emotional disabilities. Their Individualized Education Plan, or IEP, can dictate what kind of transportation services they require, and such decisions can make a big impact on not only the students but the school district. Stop in for a discussion of the latest ways school bus operators can more efficiently and safely ensure students with disabilities can receive transportation in the least restrictive environment.

  • Head Start   ( 26 Articles )
    This federal program began in 1965 and is responsible for more than 1 million of the nation’s preschool and early-preschool students who come from low-income families. Transportation to and from school is a big requirement placed on local Head Start agencies. This blog examines how and why and offers tools and best practices for meeting the responsibility.

  • School Bus Bay   ( 103 Articles )
    Step into the STN garage for a look at innovations affecting school district maintenance operations, from trends on new and current vehicles specifications and technology to ideas on new processes and policies designed to keep vehicles in tip-top running shape that positively affect not only student safety but a school district's bottom line.

  • Legislative Updates   ( 50 Articles )
    A look at school transportation inside the Beltway in the nation's capitol in the form of the latest legislation, funding, government regulation or discussions being held on potential federal involvement in how children get to and from school each day.