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Monday, 16 March 2009 10:17

The Kalamazoo Gazette offers more thoughts on the assault of a school bus driver. Apparently, it will take some time before the district can coordinate a policy on staff and training to prevent assaults like these or address them if they happen again.

The paper also reacts to the virulent debate about race, education and discipline the incident ignited.

On a similar note, a West Monroe, La., police tasered a 14-year-old student after the 250-pound 5'9" bus rider became belligerent and assaulted an officer.

School bus driver gives special treatment to one cat.

Spring break is over for Bus No. 6. He's sad to be waking up early again, but glad to be working in a job he loves given the economy:

"At least we have a place to go to in the mornings instead of the unemployment line. At least we're driving something bigger than Bubba's pickup truck, and if he even LOOKS like he's going to pass through our blinking lights and stop sign, we know we could take him out if we had a mind to, but we don't because there are kids on board and we're more professional than that. But we gave it some thought. Yes indeed. My blood runs yellow. How about yours"

Also from Nation's Press:


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