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Friday, 08 October 2010 09:52

Are students in more danger when they have to wait at their school bus stop in the early morning hours?


For many of us, the sun hasn't yet risen when we are heading into work. At certain times in the year, 6:30 a.m. seems more like midnight. For students waiting at the bus stop during the early morning hours, the lack of light can be frightening and, in some cases, dangerous.

Today an elementary school girl in Michigan was abducted, dragged into an alley and assaulted. The attacker fled the scene and the police are in the process of looking for this monster. But, how could this have been avoided in the first place? I understand that cities do not having the manpower or funding to stage a police officer or school district employee at every bus stop, but are there other solutions? Maybe parents take turns "guarding" bus stop. Maybe the district assigns a volunteer high school student to wait at certain stops.

There is no clear-cut answer, but the conversation needs to start now, before another child goes through a similar, horrible experience.

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