The 5-Minute Rule: Why You Need It

One of the drawbacks to getting old is that I can’t always remember things that seemed very important when I first thought of them.
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The Future of Driver Safety is Here Now

None of us in the school bus transportation industry can ever foresee the day when a school bus does not have an adult in the driver seat. What we can…
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The Role of the School Bus in Disaster Operations

The last several weeks have demonstrated both the fearful power of Mother Nature and the resilience of people to respond to tragedy. The hurricanes that have devastated parts of the…
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What is Influencing the Growth of Electric School Buses?

I spend a lot of time these days reading, listening to and discussing the use of electricity to propel school buses compared to conventional diesel and other alternatives, such as renewable…
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The Era of Big Data is Here, But Long Live Small Data!

Everywhere you look people are talking about the transformative nature of big data. The increasing sophistication of technology and the nearly ubiquitous connections between these systems provides a virtually bottomless…
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Crowdsourcing Solutions at the STN EXPO

As the STN EXPO kicks off in earnest today, over 650 regular conference attendees and another several hundred more vendors and school bus technicians coming for Blue Bird and Thomas…
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The Culture Club Habit

Odds are the school district or school bus company you work for or work with is experiencing a driver shortage. What’s new, right? Now ask yourself what role your department’s…
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Data Points: Trends & Challenges

The stock market is up today, but yesterday it was down. Why? You’d think those decisions were made from fear and greed, when actually it’s some high-frequency computer algorithm that’s…
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Social Media and School Bus Drivers

Social media has become an integral part of daily life for most individuals. As a result, it is seemingly impossible to go through the day without utilizing it for any…
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First Take: The Anatomy of Media (Non) Bias

The “Making the Grade” segment produced for PBS by Education Week that aired May 16 dove into the murky waters of three-point, lap-shoulder restraint systems. If you have yet to…
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PBS Segment on School Bus Seat Belts Hits Nail on Head

PBS News Hour aired a segment last month on seat belts on large school buses. The piece, produced by Education Week, covered what we in the industry know is a…
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Perception of Safety

When I think about safety I always come back to the following definition: Freedom from risk.  Schools are constantly facing the issue of risk as kids are transported on the school bus. And for many school districts,…
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Feeling Secure Boosts Employee, Industry Morale

Orlando. San Bernardino. San Bernardino, again. Fresno. The list of recent mass shootings, whatever the senseless and abhorrent reasons of the perpetrators, adds to a frightening new normal in our…
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