Recorded: On Board the School Bus: Terrorism and Security

The free School Transportation News webinar, "School Buses: The Terrorism Target," on June 28 will discuss various aspects of how terrorism relates to pupil transportation, including a thorough examination of historical perspectives, current trends and future forecasts by presenter Bret E. Brooks. 

Brooks BretBrooks is the chief operating officer for the training and consulting firm Gray Ram Tactical, LLC. He has completed numerous research studies in various areas of violence related issues and has been published by many academic journals and magazines. His research has been used by the U.S. government and foreign agencies alike. Bret has been requested to present his training across North America, Europe and in the Middle East. He is a former captain in the Army, SWAT Sniper and state police officer. He is returning to the STN EXPO in July to teach a related seminar on terrorism and student transportation.