Recorded: On Board the School Bus: Terrorism and Security

The free School Transportation News webinar, "School Buses: The Terrorism Target," on June 28 will discuss various aspects of how terrorism relates to pupil transportation, including a thorough examination of historical perspectives, current trends and future forecasts by presenter Bret E. Brooks. 

Recorded: Extending Maintenance Intervals & Lowering Maintenance Costs of DPFs

Regardless of climate conditions, pre-conditioning your engine will extend the life of Diesel Particulate Filters, extending regeneration intervals and reducing maintenance costs and failures. DPF failures are costly. Learn how a DPF works and how it fails, and how to protect your fleet and save on these costly repairs.

Recorded: Propane — Financial Common Sense for Schools

Attend this webinar to learn why propane autogas buses are the best choice for school transportation — lower total cost-of-ownership compared with diesel buses, scalable and affordable infrastructure options for convenient on-site refueling, and buses from all four major OEMs.

Recorded: Transportation - Thinking Like an Educator

The main goal of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is to teach independence and life skills to special needs students. But student transporters often miss the boat by not appropriately or adequately training this student population on how to best use the school bus to learn life skills, including…

Recorded: Training Staff for Safely Evacuating Students

What does your training program say about planning to evacuate students with disabilities? What about preschoolers? Do you train them at all? Does your training include the planning steps to be successfully prepared to evacuate their bus? Learn the steps each school bus operator should undertake toward developing a successful…

Recorded: Clean Air Vehicle Funding Sources

The director of East Bay Clean Cities Coalition and director of fleet services for the City of Oakland, California, will define the most common types of alternative fuel and clean air vehicle grants available for school bus and "white fleet" vehicles nationwide. Fresh off presenting at the STN EXPO, he…

Recorded: Heavy Lifting Methodology, Safety and Training for Student Transporters

The School Transportation Network webinar series returns June 24 as Doug Spiller, Rotary Lift's heavy duty product manager, discusses: the proper methodology for lifting every type of heavy-duty bus or truck; how to make good saddle and adapter choices; the importance of safety in operator and maintenance training, and; how…