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Written by Michelle Fisher   
Friday, 19 July 2013 07:33

The school bus drivers students remember long after they have graduated are those with a human touch, and in the case of one driver with Ethan Allen Transportation, a listening ear. During his busy route for Kingston High School in New York, Ken Boisvert listened to a distarught student and gave her the advice she needed to get back on course.

It was a frustrating day for high school senior Destynee Duncan, who had just taken the first part of a Regents exam and felt sure she had failed it. When she boarded the bus, she angrily told Boisvert not only was she going to skip the second part of that exam but she also wanted to drop out of school, period.

Remembering his own experiences at that same age, Ken decided to share with Destynee about his struggles during high school. He encouraged her to take the rest of the exam and to stay in school — and she listened. 

She took his advice and worked hard to pass her classes and graduate. And when Destynee received her diploma at Kingston High School on June 20, Ken was at the ceremony to cheer for her, along with the aunt who raised her, Betty Smith. 

Destynee also received a BOCES diploma for the courses she took to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, and she looks forward to continuing her studies.

Later, Ken expressed how proud he was of Destynee and her accomplishments, taking very little credit for himself.

“She has weathered a difficult time and has come out a winner. I have no doubt that she will achieve her goals and enjoy a career in nursing. I was a small part of this story and was glad to help. She did all the work,” he said.

Destynee was thrilled that Ken took the time to attend her high school graduation.

“I owe a lot to Ken Boisvert,” she noted. “After he told me about his experiences when he was my age and the problems he also had in school, I felt that I could relate to him and I took his advice. We all need strong people in our lives to help direct us at times, and … Ken was there at the right time for me.”

Bree Allen, transportation manager with Ethan Allen Transportation, a member of The Trans Group, pointed out that Ken only took a few moments to attend to a stressed-out student, yet that small amount of time made a huge difference in Destynee’s life.

“Ken Boisvert is truly committed to his job. He has not missed a day in two years, and while he takes his responsibility very seriously as a bus driver transporting young people to and from school, he also enjoys interacting with the young people he sees every day,” said Allen. “We applaud Ken for realizing that Destynee was in need of help and taking the time to speak with her.”

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