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Wednesday, 25 March 2009 00:00

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) includes $300 million to support clean diesel activities. This funding will be offered this year in addition to EPA’s fiscal year 2009 National Diesel Emissions Reduction Appropriations Program.

The U.S. Federal and State Governments agencies have budgeted and earmarked significant funding to support end-users in purchasing various emission reduction and anti-idling technologies and products in an effort to conserve energy and reduce Greenhouse gases.

In most cases, fuel operated heaters are specified and are 100% funded with no match required.

We are offering an outreach and communication package so you can take advantage of the unique opportunity to obtain a fuel-operated heater with no charge for the heater including installation. This communication includes links to various government websites, which should have the latest updates on the ARRA stimulus funds as well as other grant funds.

Available Funding breaks down as follows:

Federal program will receive $206 million (70%).

State programs will receive $88 million ((30%).

Espar heaters are listed on the EPA website and qualify for funding as an idle reduction technology verified and/or certified by EPA or CARB. More information on this funding is available here.

The stimulus package can be accessed through the EPA’s 10 regional offices; we include the websites for each of these Regions.

• Applications open mid-March and will end April ---?

• People must apply to the region where they are located.

• Customers can “partner” with others to write a common grant to get within the dollar limit.

Northeast Diesel Collaborative (Regions 1, 2)

Mid-Atlantic Diesel Collaborative (Region 3)

Southeast Diesel Collaborative (Region 4)

Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative (Region 5)

Blue Skyways Collaborative (Regions 6, 7 plus Minnesota)

Rocky Mountain Clean Diesel Collaborative (Region 8)

West Coast Collaborative (Regions 9,10)


In addition to this information provided to you, we can offer you assistance in completing the applicable forms for application. If you have any questions, concerns or require further assistance, please contact me directly at 800-387-4800 ext. 2226.

Due to the high level of interest with this initiative, Espar will be hosting webinars to review the processes of funding available and requirements for application. If you are interested in participating in this communication, please inform me and I will register you.


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