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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 10:17

ADA, Ohio — Mobile Witness, an international provider of DVR and surveillance solutions, today announced a tablet and smartphone app for the Student Accountability System (SAS). SAS gives parents and administrators the ability to locate students in the school transportation system in real time.

The new app enables drivers to view real-time ridership data and take attendance. With this information, bus drivers and administrators can find out who is on which bus in case of an emergency, locate a missing student, generate ridership reports, eliminate paper logs, and avoid students being left on a bus at the end of a run.

SAS uses the transportation-grade technology of the Mobile Witness Mobile Control Unit(TM), which allows for additional capabilities such as on-board cameras (for recording or live feeds), active and passive GPS tracking, and automated maintenance and safety alerts (such as when tire pressure is low or when erratic driving is detected). Mobile Witness is currently the only company that can provide all of these technologies within a single system, thereby increasing benefits, lowering total cost of ownership, and improving ROI.

Jason Szuch, President of SAY Security Group USA(TM), the developer of Mobile Witness solutions, commented, "We're pleased to be adding a tablet app to our Student Accountability System to bring drivers into the ridership information loop. The new app helps them to keep our children safer by keeping drivers informed with up-to-the-minute data."

SAY Security Group is currently seeking dealers and resellers for Mobile Witness solutions, including the Student Accountability System. For more information, visit www.mobilewitness.com.

About Mobile Witness

The Mobile Witness line of Mobile DVRs, software, and accessories is developed by SAY Security Group USA, LLC. SAY Security Group USA designs advanced DVR and surveillance solutions for OEMs, dealers, and distributors in North and South America.