Partner Updates

A Fresh Vision for Route Planning Software

In 2015, Parkland School District launched an initiative to better leverage technology in their transportation office. They evaluated their existing toolset, as well as offerings from other vendors. In the end, they found the products to be too cumbersome and inefficient to use.

Making Bus Stop Locations Safer

Shelbyville Central Schools in Indiana is using Transfinder’s flagship routing solution, Routefinder Pro to help make bus stop locations safer for their transitional community and to reduce student pickups at intersections. 

Think You Know Diesel? Think Again

New federal emissions standards ratings released this year for school bus engines reveal that all fuels, including diesel, are now much cleaner with emissions falling well below EPA emissions standards.

Propane Autogas Buses Operate Noticeably Quieter

School districts around the U.S. are proudly making the switch to propane autogas school buses. Why? On top of offering the lowest total cost-of-ownership and reducing harmful emissions around students, drivers, and technicians, propane autogas buses operate noticeably quieter than diesel buses.

Propane Autogas Buses Save More for Students

School districts around the U.S. are proudly making the switch to propane autogas school buses. Why? In addition to reducing harmful emissions and operating noticeably quieter, propane autogas buses offer the lowest total cost-of-ownership available — which can have a big impact on students, drivers, and technicians.

Diesel Engine Advancements a Win for School Districts

Innovations in diesel engine technology are powering some of lowest school bus emissions in the industry. Manufacturers such as Detroit and Cummins are leading the charge with groundbreaking advancements that are ensuring clean air for drivers and students, and more efficient, easier-to-maintain buses for fleet managers and maintenance technicians.

ID the Right Solution for Student Tracking

When Twin Rivers Unified School District in Sacramento, California decided to become one of the first in the state to distribute RFID-enabled cards to its track its school bus riders, it soon became apparent to officials that only one solution met all requirements: CI Solutions.