November 2017

November 2017

november17 coverPhotography by Erwin HarrisonGreatness extends beyond the school bus with Rick Grisham’s dedicated efforts to improve student transportation nationwide. Read more about this year’s STN Leadership Award Winner starting on page 28


The Premier Package 
With an unyielding drive as an educator, 2017 STN Leadership Award Winner Rick Grisham is recognized for his role in fostering the value of teamwork in Georgia and beyond  

 Behavioral Analysis
Though the stance on lap-shoulder seat belts vary from state-to-state and school district to school district, student transporters experienced with the occupant restraint systems share their perspectives on improved student behavior, reduced driver distraction


Student Transporters Share Post-Crash Consequences, Procedures 


School Districts Rely on Voters to Expand Transportation Budgets  



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First Take by Ryan Gray
Putting Your Money Where Your Lap Shoulder Belts Are 

Thought Leader by Ben Englander
Sol’s Dedication

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
It’s Fall Conference Time!







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