April 2018

April 2018

April 18 Digi Cover 310pxPhoto by Vince RiosPhotographer Vince Rios shot this month’s cover photo in front of the former Dallas County Schools headquarters, which the Dallas Independent School District purchased in February. The old DCS logo still hung above the entrance at the time of the shoot, but Rios used his Photoshop skills to digitally remove it. He said he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture Dallas ISD Deputy Superintendent Scott Layne, left, and Executive Director of Transportation Kayne Smith with the U.S. and Texas flags in the background.


Family Matters in Dallas
Transportation leaders at Dallas independent Schools prepare to take school busing inhouse after former government contractor was closed by voters. Read about its reliance on technology, and more importantly, the people.

Increasing Fuel Economy by Any Means   
School districts aim to improve fuel economy through other alternatives than the right type of fuel

Data Infusion
Transportation operations are recognizing the synergy of data and its impact on performance assessments


Districts Share Strategies for Attracting, Retaining Bus Drivers

Changing Bell Times is Easier Said than Done

Transfinder Celebrates 30 Years



STN Online


Conference Connection: Get Savvy

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First Take by Ryan Gray
In the End, Faces Matter More than Numbers

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
A Passion to Never Stop Learning

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