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August 2011 Digital Magazine Edition

august-2011COVER STORY: As the summer begins to give way to the new school year, student transporters continue to be presented with challenges when making large bus purchasing decisions. The manufacturers are trying to ease supply chains amid continually rising costs of the new buses tied to higher commodity prices.


Student Transporters Battle Stress with Teamwork, Commitment and Communication


Lowering Costs by Sizing Up the School Bus Ride
Choosing the most efficient school bus type to use can be the toughest decision


No Money for New School Bus Purchases? Consider Financing

Other Financing Options: Commercial vs. Municipal

School Bus Inspections Vary But Student Safety a Common Theme

Storing Backpacks Safely and Sensibly

Manufacturers Gear Up for First-Ever CAFE Standards for School Buses


Keeping Supply Lines Open
Large bus manufacturers discuss state of the industry, solutions for customers; Lion Bus roars into the large bus market

Hydraulic Hybrid Systems: A Coming Age for Student Transportation?
Technology being developed for hybrid vehicles promises increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions

Safe Returns
School officials says on-board, external camera systems are worth the investment for ensuring student safety


How Do You Handle School Bus Rider Question and Information
By Linda Bluth, Ed.D

State-by-State Variation in Crossing Procedures
Part 3A: Flashers and Crossing Signals
By Ned Einstein


First Take by Ryan Gray
Competition Stiffens in the Large Bus Market

Editorial Desk by Stephane Babcock
Some Summer Thoughts


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