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March 2013 Digital Magazine Edition

STN-March Thumbnail-coverInspections are just one of the processes necessary to make school buses the safest vehicles on the road. At the heart of every great maintenance organization are policies and procedures, which are necessary for consistent air-brake checks, for example, or other checklists. The existence of these processes and policies can be the difference between corrective maintenance and proactive or even reliability-centered maintenance.


Straight From the Shop
STN readers report via survey on such topics as how techs are trained, how they define their own maintenance programs and if they track cost per mile

Putting on the Brakes
Processes for air-brake maintenance and safety come in different shapes and sizes

Creating Cost Savings
Fleet experts sound off on how fuel, oil and tire management can add to an operation's bottom line


Remembering slain Alabama bus driver Chuck Poland, Jr.


School districts cope with lengthened bus-replacement schedules

Is the industry ready for reliability-centered maintenance programs?

Safety in the garage increases efficiency, drives down liability costs

How one Utah school district benefited from EPA rebate program

Alabama bill strengthens penalties for school bus trespassing

Arizona district first in state to purchase, train on hybrid bus

News briefs


Renewed debate on NHTSA FMVSS 222, gross vehicle weight rating for Type A buses


Robert T. Pudlewski
Why Have Maintenance Policy and Procedures?

Kim A. Mahanna, CPA
IRS 'Repair Regulations' Could tax Old Bus Euipment, Facilities for Business Owners


First Take by Ryan Gray
The Mental Health of the Industry

Publisher's Corner by Tony Corpin
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