pdvWireless Announces DispatchPlus Functionality on Tablets

WOODLAND PARK, NJ.- pdvWireless is excited to announce a new solution for businesses who use tablets in vehicle. A simple download of the DispatchPlus app on your existing tablet gets you the ability to add the push-to-talk component on a device you already own.

Now talking to one person on your team or the entire fleet is seamless! The built-in receiver and speaker allows the operator to hold down one button to make a call. No need for bulky equipment or additional installation fees!

Easily mount your tablet – download the app – and combine every solution you need into one without the need to purchase another radio or phone to make a call. Now the DispatchPlus application on tablets gives you coverage anywhere!

pdvWireless, Inc. is a private wireless communications carrier and provider of mobile workforce management solutions that increase the productivity of field-based workers and the efficiency of their dispatch and call center operations. pdvWireless has commenced launching private push-to-talk networks in seven major markets throughout the United States. Its patented and industry-validated SaaS technology improves team communication and field documentation across a wide array of industries, including transportation, distribution, construction, hospitality, waste management and field service. pdvWireless' Chairman, Brian McAuley, and Vice Chairman, Morgan O'Brien, were the co-founders of Nextel Communications and have over 60 years of combined experience in FCC regulatory matters and two-way radio operations. pdvWireless is headquartered in Woodland Park, New Jersey.