ILTexas Deploys Fogmaker Fire Suppression for Entire Fleet

ILTexas Deploys Fogmaker Fire Suppression for Entire Fleet

EXTON PA — International Leadership of Texas Charter School District (ILTexas) will be one of the first school districts to deploy Fogmaker North America’s fire suppression kits throughout the district’s entire fleet.

“We’re always looking at being at the fore font of technologies to enhance safety for our students. During a demonstration, we watched the Fogmaker system put out a fire in seconds.” said Eddie Conger, Superintendent of ILTexas.

According to a recent Department of Transportation study there are over 380 school bus fires reported every year, with over two-thirds initiating in and around the engine compartment.

“We were certainly excited to work with the ILTexas staff as they took this important step to add additional safety to their fleet,” stated Kent Tyler, Executive Vice President of Fogmaker North America. “Fire Suppression is a critically important safety issue with bus fires happening on a daily basis. Our patented Fogmaker technology is designed to not only automatically suppress these thermal events, but also provide additional time for occupants to safely evacuate the bus.”

ILTexas’ fleet of 16 buses serves a district of 16,000 students with 15 campuses in Dallas, Tarrant and Harris counties. This school year the ILTexas bus fleet has traveled over 17,000 miles and made over 3,200 safe student trips.

About Fogmaker North America

Fogmaker North America is a leader in water mist fire suppression systems for vehicles and enclosed hazards. A unique, environmentally friendly, pre-engineered fire suppression system, that is rapidly becoming a standard practice on mobile equipment like mass transit, school buses, heavy machinery, forestry equipment and much more. Fogmaker’s patented high-pressure water mist system rapidly reduces heat from fires with a direct attack on the fire triangle—heat, oxygen and fuel. In seconds, engine fire temperature is reduced, allowing for rapid fire suppression and reducing the risk of reflash.

About International Leadership of Texas

At International Leadership of Texas (ILTexas) our mission is to prepare students for exceptional leadership roles in the international community by emphasizing servant leadership, mastering English, Spanish and Chinese languages, and strengthening the body, mind, and character. ILTexas teaches students from a global perspective with the opportunity to become trilingual, graduate with an associate’s degree and study abroad. Founded in 2012 by retired Marine Corps Infantry Officer and former Dallas Independent School District high school principal Eddie Conger, ILTexas opened its first school in 2013 with over 2,500 students, making it the largest first-year charter in the history of Texas. ILTexas now serves more than 17,000 students with 15 locations spanning across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Houston. For more information, visit

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