Readers Weigh In on Effect of Lower Fuel Prices

Despite fuel prices taking a dip in December and remaining down through the first full week of January, few expect this to be the new normal. But as of yet, STN readers said fuel prices that continue to be more than $1 cheaper nationwide than this time last year are not prompting them to enter long-term contracts and lock in the lower prices.

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N.D. School Bus-Train Collision Kills Driver, Student

The first day of school after the holidays was a sad one for Larimore Public Schools #44 in the northeast part of North Dakota as a school bus driver and a high school student were killed and 12 other students were injured after a collision with a freight train.

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School Bus Production Up 5 Percent

Data compiled from all seven school bus manufacturers as well as Type A chassis makers Ford and GM show that the industry continues a growth trend after bottoming out four years ago following the recession.

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What Is It Like To Be a School Bus Driver?

What is it like to be a school bus driver? This is one of the questions a lot of us school bus drivers get asked, Other than, "how do you do it"? (wink) And, "Is it hard"? It's not an easy job, that's for sure.

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Des Moines, Iowa Chosen to Host Next NCST

The industry is setting up fort in Iowa's capital city weeks after NASDPTS called for proposals to find a new home for the National Congress on School Transportation, which celebrates its 75th anniversary next May.

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