N.J. Legislature Holds Hearing on Bus Safety; School Board Approves Upgraded Belts

UPDATED — JUNE 20 — The New Jersey Senate & Assembly Transportation Committees held a joint hearing in Trenton on Monday, June 18, on school bus safety, and focused on the deadly bus accident in Paramus in May 2018. The Assembly Transportation Committee also passed three bills on Monday, one of which would require upgraded seat belts. Also on Monday, the Paramus school board voted to require its buses to be equipped with shoulder-restraint-style (three point) seat belts for buses it is planning to purchase, for an extra $5,300 per bus. The board also said it will request bids for retrofitting all of its current buses with the new style belts, northjersey.com reported.

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Technology Concerns Stall Implementation of FMCSA Rule

Due to technology concerns, the Federal Motor Carrier Administration extended certain provisions of the Medical Examiner’s Certification Integration final rule, which establishes guidelines for reporting and processing medical information from school bus drivers and other CDL holders.

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Black and Green, not Black or Green: The Future of School Bus Fueling

Fleet operators across a broad range of industries are faced with difficult and potentially costly decisions about how they will fuel their vehicles in the future. The long-life nature of these assets makes the decision on fuel choice one that a fleet manager, transportation director and organization, an very consequential one.

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School Bus Associations Respond to NTSB Recommendations

National school transportation industry associations issued both supporting and dissenting responses to a recent National Transportation Safety Board report examining two fatal school bus crashes. The report recommended, among other things, crash avoidance systems and lap-shoulder belts on all new large school buses.

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