Wrong Drop-off Forces 8 Year Old to Fend for Himself

"I saw the bus leaving and I was trying to catch up to it," a second grader told Wave 3 News after being dropped off at the wrong bus stop.   

The mistake has forced Kentucky school officials to issue an apology to the 8-year-old boy's family, who was stranded and lost after the foul-up.

The child was accidentally releasedby a substitute bus driver at the wrong stop a few blocks from his home in a highly trafficked area. He was left to find his own way, as he didn't recognize where he was.

The second grader ended up getting into a car with a stranger, who returned the 8 year old to his parents. The woman who came to the boy's recuse told his grateful parents that she found him on the road attempting to get across the street and waving his hands to get people to stop.


Last modified onThursday, 18 February 2016 13:43