Roundup: A Life-Saving Dog, A Bus Company Closes Shop and More

A service dog leaped in front of an oncoming school bus to save its blind owner. Upon entering a crosswalk, the service dog noticed the bus wasn’t going to slow down and took the brunt of the impact, saving the 62-year-old woman from worse injury. While neither emerged unscathed, both are expected to make full recoveries. 

Goldstar Transit will close it facility and lay off its 69 workers after a local school district decided to return its bus operations in-house. Manor ISD opted not to renew its $2 million contract with the Texas-based bus transportation company. The terminated positions are expected to remain permanent.   

In an effort to pursue cleaner forms of energy, Kanawha County Schools is powering up with propane. The district will utilize propane buses during the month of June as part of a West Virginia Department of Education initiative for schools to seek alternative fuel for bus fleets. 

Lawmakers in Boston continue to push for seatbelts to be included on school buses throughout the state. Under current regulations, seatbelts are not required for school buses in Massachusetts. A group representing school-bus contractors has urged lawmakers not to pursue bills to change the law, citing cost increases and compliance concerns.  

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Law Approves School Bus Cameras in Mobile, Ala.

Proponents of safe student transportation have won another victory in cracking down on reckless drivers after Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley signed legislation to permit cameras on Mobile County school buses.

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When Rubber Meets the Road

School transportation operations have much to consider where the rubber hits the road. The industry is slowly defining how tires can can help a school bus fleet get farther in safety, fuel economy or operation costs.

New Head Start Proposal Seeks to Cut Transportation Red Tape

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell announced a proposed rule that would extend the Head Start calendar to a full school day and school year, requiring more collaboration than ever with transportation services and focusing on program improvement rather than redundant requirements.

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House Defeats Amendment to Raise Vehicle Insurance Limits

Federal lawmakers defeated an amendment brought by Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-TX) to remove a provision from the House transportation appropriations bill that would have allowed the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to increase the minimum insurance levels required of commercial fleets.

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