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STN EXPO: Child Passenger Safety Restraints on School Buses

Whether or not to equip school buses with seat belts continues to be a hot topic affecting the industry, but properly securing preschool-aged students in the school buses in age- and weight-appropriate Child Safety Restraint Systems (CSRS) is not an option. Enter the eight-hour, hands-on Child Passenger Safety Restraints on School Buses National Training produced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Fed Report Finds Bullying Higher for Rural Students

When it comes to bullying, students in rural schools experience higher rates of harassment than students in suburban and urban schools, according to a 2016 report from the U.S. Department of Education that examined crime and safety on campus.

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Roundup: Houston Crash Result of Inferior Repairs, Driver Rewards Good Behavior and More

The bus crash that killed two Houston students last year might have been the result of inferior repairs to a bridge guard rail. According to a NTSB report, it was not the first accident at this site and those previous repairs were called inferior. The report found that the Texas Department of Transportation reused bolts after a previous accident in the same spot where the bus careened over the edge of the 610 and dropped to the road below. The previous severe impact resulted in significant damage to the concrete parapet and the anchor bolts. The NTSA saw that the bolts that were bent over by that previous impact were then bent back and reused rather than being replaced. Additionally, repair mortar had been used to patch spalls at the posts due to the impact, which was inferior in overall quality to the original concrete, significantly increasing the corrosion potential for the embedded steel. The findings have forced TxDOT to change the repair procedure for damaged rails.

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