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Roundup: A Bus Driver Saves the Day, a Student Averts Disaster and More

A keen eye and quick thinking helped a South Carolina school bus driver save the life of one of the youngsters aboard her bus. Driver Sacajawea Blassingame pulled to her usual stop to allow 8-year-old Brayden Burns to disembark the bus. While Burns collected himself to exit, Blassingame saw a mini-van speeding down the road. Blassingame told the child to hold off leaving the bus and saved his life within seconds of the minivan potentially hitting him. "I was getting off the bus, I was about to take a step in front and the car flew past at 72 miles an hour," said Burns. The vehicle roared by the bus and burned rubber through a series of stop signs. Blassingame’s heroic efforts are being hailed statewide, but the loudest applause is coming from the mother of the 8-year-old. “I'm just standing there watching. I hear a motor, look down toward the bridge, 'Are you going to stop?' is what's running through my head," said the mother.

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N.J. School Bus Involved in Fatal Accident

A collision between a southern New Jersey school bus and a SUV has resulted in one death and four students injured, according to The driver the Toyota RAV4 was pronounced dead at the scene. The four children, who ranged from 11 to 17, were sent to an area hospital for treatment. 

Dog Owner Charged in School Bus Stop Attack

The owner of two pit bulls has been charged after two sisters were attacked at their Viriginia bus stop. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11-year-old Mariana Hernandez and 17-year-old Victoria Hernandez were attacked by the dogs while waiting for the school bus. Mariana was rushed to an area hospital and required surgery for injuries sustained during the attack.

Tenn. Texting Bill Advances

A bill that would prohibit school bus drivers from using mobile devices while driving passed the transportation committee of the Tennessee House on Tuesday, reported WBIR. The bill comes as a response to the tragic accident in Knoxville, Tennessee that killed two students and an instructional aide in 2014. An investigation revealed that the driver of one of the two buses involved in the collison was texting while driving. 

New Penalties for Illegal Passing Proposed

Under the statewide proposal called Gabby’s Law, fines across Florida could go up to $500 for the first offense and the driver could end up in jail. The consequences for a second offense go up to $1,000 in fines and six months jail time, WINK-NEWS reportedA newly released findings show that tens of thousands of drivers fail at stopping for school buses.

School Bus Driver Honored for Heroic Actions

A school bus driver in Olympia, Washington was honored Monday night for his actions in avoiding an accident, reported King 5. One morning last month, as James Bratager was driving 49 middle schoolers, an oncoming car veered into his lane. Bratager swerved and avoided a head-on crash, while also avoiding going into a ditch that runs parallel to the road.