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University of Michigan Researcher Named TSD Conference Advisor

The TSD Conference & Trade Show added a new member to its National Board of Advisors this week when Miriam Manary accepted an invitation presented by Tenured Faculty member Sue Englert Shutrump. Manary is the senior engineering research associate at University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute and has been a regular speaker at the TSD Conference over the 25 years of its existence.

Update: Arkansas Allows School Bus Lighting System

Despite a statement on the Gardian Angel LED website that its lighting system for the school bus loading zone had been "approved" for use in Arkansas, state director Mike Simmons told STN that Gardian Angel is only an "allowable option." 

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Zonar, Telematics Clearinghouse Provide Insurance Benefits

ATG Risk Solutions is providing customers of fleet GPS and telematics company Zonar Systems with the ability to tap into risk management and underwriting programs, as well as potential incentives based on the increased safety of their vehicles and drivers.

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Push to Raise Minimum Insurance Levels for Buses Still Alive

The push to increase liability insurance minimums on private commercial motor vehicles has regained momentum from a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, garnering support from a number of colleagues and restarting the debate over financial responsibility of transportation companies. 

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The Seat of the Problem

The annual summer run on the repair and replacement of school bus seat covers is in full swing and is stretching vendors to their limit to keep up with the orders. Some vendors say the trend actually increases their costs and may increase the risk of fire hazard on the bus during the year because of exposed foam.

Roundup: Sinkhole Swallows Bus, Toy Guns Riles Up Police

Students aboard a Maize South High School bus in Wichita, Kansas, were relieved to know that the collective, sinking feeling they all experienced was actually the bus they were on dipping into a sinkhole. The bus was parked near the school when its rear left tire began to sink through the pavement. While students were on the bus, no injuries were reported. Parents were alerted of the developing situation, which turned out to be a sinkhole that measured 7 feet by 6 feet, and administrators reported that routes would be delayed while a solution is formed.

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