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HR Battle: TSD Conference to Tackle Bus Driver Shortages

In March, HR expert Grace Kelly will speak to TSD Conference attendees about the intricacies of hiring and its unpleasant cousin, firing. The waters for both have become muddied amid the worsening of driver shortages nationwide.

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Check Up

Checking for students after a bus ride is an ongoing issue that garnered national attention in September after the tragic death of Hun Joon “Paul” Lee, a 19-year-old autistic student in Whittier, California. Lee died after being left behind on a school bus at the end of its route. He remained inside that bus for several hours during a heat wave until his body was discovered. As a result of this tragedy, many transportation operations, including the Pupil Transportation Cooperative, which operated the bus Lee rode, have re-evaluated and reformed their policies and procedures for driver post-trip inspections for students.